Wednesday, 29 April 2015



MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 & Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 ~ NW47

I've had this foundation for a few years now but I stopped using it around 2013. MAC cosmetics had a high reputation in releasing quality products so I decided to finally purchase a foundation from them. I chose the studio fix fluid as it's: oil free, a matte finish and contains SPF 15. It is also full coverage! The MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation has all the attributes I look for in a foundation.
The Coverage
The coverage is amazing. I could use this foundation without concealer and that is a bonus! I have discolouration and an uneven skin tone so I'm always after a full coverage foundation. One layer does the job!

The Colour Match
NW47 is slightly lighter than my skin tone. I found that the shade NW48 is darker than my skin tone so I opted for the NW47. I don't mix this foundation as blending helps the foundation match your skin tone.

~ I do not have to re-apply this foundation throughout the day it definitely stays on my skin for a full day. 
~ The matte finish and oil-free helps me stay shine-free!

~ This foundation does not feel lightweight at all. One of the main reasons I do not use this foundation anymore is because it feels very heavy on my face.
~ The smell of the foundation puts me off too. Unfortunately it reminds me of thick paint (the smell does fade away during the day though...)
~ Isn't a natural finish. 

Purchase Here ~ £21.50 
I purchased the foundation pump separately ~ Purchase Here ~ £4.00

             Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation ~ BRONZE 7

I've been using Mary Kay's foundation for several years but they re-developed their foundation. Since the new design I've been using Mary Kay for over 2 years. This is definitely my go-to foundation! It's made for: combination/oily skin, a buildable coverage, suitable for sensitive skin, oil-free and non-comedogenic. 

The Coverage
The coverage is a buildable coverage meaning layering the foundation until you find a coverage that suits your skin. With this foundation if I use one layer I definitely have to use concealer but if I use two or more layers I can use minimal concealer. I tend to wear more layers of foundation if I'm going out somewhere nice for full coverage.

The Colour Match
I'm in colour Bronze 7 and during the autumn/winter it does come out a little bit too dark for my skin tone but not noticeable at all! I got this foundation tested on me during the summer (not very smart of me) so it matches my exact skin tone during Spring/Summer. 

~ It feels ultra-lightweight and does not feel like I'm wearing foundation at all!
~ The matte finish gives me a mattified and shin-free look. 
~ The colour match makes my skin look effortlessly flawless!

~ Buildable coverage means wearing more makeup when I'm going out. To get my ideal coverage I usually have to put 2-3 layers of this foundation. 
~ The packaging is in a plastic tube so it's very easy to squeeze out too much product :(

Purchase Here ~ £16.00

MAC Studio Fix        Mary Kay Timewise 
I hope this foundation review was good use to you! Any sale prices that may come up on any of the makeup products talked about will be updated as we all love a good bargain! 

Stay flawless! Stay pretty!


Sunday, 26 April 2015


Say NO to OILY skin!


I have combination/oily skin and during the day I find myself having to re-apply pressed powder to combat shine. I use an array of affordable products that result in no re-application throughout the day (or night!)

Garnier Skin Naturals: Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask.
This is my go-to face mask to combat shine! My skin feels deeply cleansed, purified and shine-free for up to 7 days; so every 7 days I use this mask. It has White Clay and Zink which purifies, tightens pores and refines skin texture. 
Purchase Here ~ £1.29

Witch Naturally Clear With Witch Hazel Extract: Oil Controlling Foaming Face Wash.
This face wash strips the oil off of your skin! It's an oil eliminating formula that combats shine, it also says that it 'works from the first use'. I 100% agree with everything this product says it will do, after using this product my face does feel a little bit dry but it also leaves my skin shine-free! I use this face wash everyday or every other day. 
Purchase Here ~ £3.99

Boots Tea Trea Witch Hazel: Shine Control Day Moisturiser.
The products name is pretty much self explanatory and definitely does its job. This moisturiser is designed to keep your skin shine-free during the day. The day moisturiser is very light however a little goes a long way. The tea trea and the witch hazel also keeps skin clear. No shine and no spots? YAS!
Purchase Here ~ SALE PRICE: £1.79 (Normally: £3.59)

Rimmel London: Stay Matte Primer 003.
This primer is absolutely amazing. This primer keeps your skin matte for up to 8 hours! I wear this under my makeup and it does not feel heavy as it is an ultra lightweight formula. It also minimises the appearance of pores! However, the 'little goes a long way' rule doesn't apply to this, you do have to use an ample amount.
Purchase Here ~ £5.99

NYX: Matte Finish
I use this setting spray over my makeup. It makes my makeup appear matte as soon as it dries however it does not keep you shine-free if used alone. If I use my face mask, face wash, moisturiser and face primer it definitely works well with all the products to keep me shine-free! However, it does add a bit of glow to your highlighter and places you've highlighted but doesn't make you appear shiny, more of a healthy glow.

Purchase Here ~ £8.00

I hope this helped you if you have oily/combination skin. I would not recommend these facial skin products if you have dry skin!

Stay matte! Stay pretty!



Welcome to my beauty blog! 

My name's Ama and I love makeup so I decided to start this blog!

I've been watching YouTube makeup/beauty tutorials for years now and my main interests were the makeup reviews. I decided to start up this blog as I love buying and trying out makeup, skin and hair products and would love to share my opinions on different products.

I will also blog about makeup products, skin care and hair care products; not just reviews but recommendations and favourites.  

For references about my skin tone shade in different makeup items are listed below. I also have oily/combination skin.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid ~ NW47
Mary Kay Timewise Matte Wear ~ Bronze 7

Sleek Suede Effect Pressed Powder ~ SE03
Mary Kay Mineral Powder ~ Bronze 2 (Lighter than my skin tone)
Maybelline Fit Me ~ 315 (Used to set my under eye makeup, few shades lighter than my skin tone)

Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm ~ 804 Dark (Slightly darker than my skin tone)

Maybelline Fit Me ~ 30
LA Girl Pro Conceal ~ Beautiful Bronze
Beauty Forever Pro Conceal ~ 106
Makeup Revolution ~ MC 11 Dark

Sleek Face Contour Kit ~ Dark 886

***All makeup, skincare or hair care products (or any other product) mentioned anywhere on my beauty blog are purchased by myself unless stated or marked with an (*)

Stay pretty