Sunday, 28 June 2015


Normally I use cocoa butter lotion to moisturise my body as cocoa butter is one of my favourite ingredients in lotions/creams. I also use a cocoa butter scented petroleum jelly to moisturise the drier parts of my body (arms, legs and, feet). My skin doesn't get too dry but it definitely needs some tlc! I usually like light lotions and thick creams/butters/petroleum jelly.
THIS PRODUCT! OBSESSED! I'm so happy I found this product right before my summer fully kick started. I really do love this product it's just LIFE! The products description: "Vitalising body gel oil for healthy glowing skin with repairing moistures". On the back it reads: "we believe healthy looking skin starts with deep moisturisation, cocoa radiant gel oil with pure cocoa butter, with pure cocoa butter known to repair dry skin, replenishes skin and locks inn moisture for a natural glow, THAT'S THE HEALING POWER OF VASELINE."
The reason I've just typed out the whole description is because it is NOT A LIE! You know when something's so good you start reading the ingredients and description like say you actually understand half of what it says...exactly what I legit had to do! When I first bought it up I literally just picked it up in the queue waiting to pay because it was on offer but when I tried it I was like girlll please!
I've tried Vaseline's lotions and not going to lie not impressed, I have dry skin and I really need something that is rich in moisture and will ensure my skin does not get dry in a short amount of time. BUT THIS PRODUCT is full of moisture, the glow it gives me is so pretty and it is perfect for summer. The description does not lieeee. The only con is that the pretty glow does fade away but who cares my elbows are moisturised and not ashy :)

 Overall rating: 9/10 - it would've been a 10 if the glow lasted much longer than it does but nevertheless it's still so so rich and moisturising! Purchase your bottle of goodness right here for £5.39 now on SALE at Superdrug for £2.65! Don't miss out!

Stay Moisturised! Stay Pretty!


Wednesday, 24 June 2015


 HEY DOLLS! Back to my regular blog posts finalllly, apologies for being inconsistent!
Blurrrrrr it all out! Today I'm reviewing the Body Shop All-In-One InstaBlur (universal shade baby!) I'm not actually sure if this is classified as a primer or some sort of corrector. I personally use it as a 'corrector' on top of my primer! This product gurlllll (or boy), go and purchase it! Just a bit of background information: I have oily/combination skin as you may know if you've read my blog posts. Now my forehead, nose and eyelid get oily during the warmer seasons my cheeks and chin are normal (winter: dry) however some days my whole face just becomes oily or some days it will just be a combination of oily/normal or oily/dry. For ways on how to combat oily skin click right here!

It says that it is a 5-action perfector (however it doesn't state on the packaging what the exact 5 actions are). I tested this out on the back of my hands in the store and I was actually it actually blur's out your skin. Apparently when you've applied this you do not need to put an instagram filter on, forgot who told me but you know! The Body Shop advertises it as "Get Photo Perfect Skin In An Instant" - I apply this around my nose, around my eyes, forehead, and a little bit on my chin mainly where I have pores, blackheads and whiteheads.

- Blurs out my pores (I have small pores)
- Keeps my face shine-free and matte (OILY SKIN FRIENDLY YAS)
- Smells decent
- Only a little is needed

- Unfortunately, as much as I adore this product it doesn't last all day long - I come home looking pretty average and not completely 'blurred' out
- Small tube (25ml)
- The consistency of the actual product is strange not sure I like it
Overall rating: 7.5/10, I really like the product! I think it does blur out your face for a short amount of hours and it might seem a little bit pricey for the small tube however you really do need a little bit. I do not recommend you put it all over your face only apply to your problem areas (deep pores, spots, redness, t zone area etc)
You can purchase it here for £14 ~ ALSO if you're on the O2 mobile network O2 Priority do quite a few promotions with The Body Shop I think I managed to get 40% off the original price once! Or The Body Shop online website usually do really good promotions!
Stay Blurred! Stay Pretty!

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Wow, forgive me for my lack of blog posts. Absolutely appalling tbh. But nevertheless I'm coming back with a bang ;) 

I've got some amazing blog posts lined up and I'm so, so excited!

My laptop has not been working for quite a while but it is working again and I NEED to start uploading blog posts again! So I'm back now :) & yes, the title of this post is a Nicki Minaj lyric. Wanted to keep this short and sweet! Uploading schedule: Sunday, Wednesday and/or Friday!

Might aswell drop a quick selfie right here :) 
Stay Pretty!