Sunday, 28 June 2015


Normally I use cocoa butter lotion to moisturise my body as cocoa butter is one of my favourite ingredients in lotions/creams. I also use a cocoa butter scented petroleum jelly to moisturise the drier parts of my body (arms, legs and, feet). My skin doesn't get too dry but it definitely needs some tlc! I usually like light lotions and thick creams/butters/petroleum jelly.
THIS PRODUCT! OBSESSED! I'm so happy I found this product right before my summer fully kick started. I really do love this product it's just LIFE! The products description: "Vitalising body gel oil for healthy glowing skin with repairing moistures". On the back it reads: "we believe healthy looking skin starts with deep moisturisation, cocoa radiant gel oil with pure cocoa butter, with pure cocoa butter known to repair dry skin, replenishes skin and locks inn moisture for a natural glow, THAT'S THE HEALING POWER OF VASELINE."
The reason I've just typed out the whole description is because it is NOT A LIE! You know when something's so good you start reading the ingredients and description like say you actually understand half of what it says...exactly what I legit had to do! When I first bought it up I literally just picked it up in the queue waiting to pay because it was on offer but when I tried it I was like girlll please!
I've tried Vaseline's lotions and not going to lie not impressed, I have dry skin and I really need something that is rich in moisture and will ensure my skin does not get dry in a short amount of time. BUT THIS PRODUCT is full of moisture, the glow it gives me is so pretty and it is perfect for summer. The description does not lieeee. The only con is that the pretty glow does fade away but who cares my elbows are moisturised and not ashy :)

 Overall rating: 9/10 - it would've been a 10 if the glow lasted much longer than it does but nevertheless it's still so so rich and moisturising! Purchase your bottle of goodness right here for £5.39 now on SALE at Superdrug for £2.65! Don't miss out!

Stay Moisturised! Stay Pretty!



  1. Great Review! I may just go out and buy some of this!!

  2. This looks amazing! i haven't tried this product but after your review def going to pick this up! I love cocoa butter and usually always pick this scent first! Great review!