Thursday, 7 May 2015



(Pictures With Results At The End)

Replenishing Sheen Spray, Strength And Shine Leave-In Conditioner, Oil Moisturizer, Intensive Conditioning Treatment, Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Perfect Edges.

Surprisingly, this review isn't going to be too long as I have evidence (pictures) of how amazing these products work and I really want to share it with you guys. I'm going to run through the PRO'S and CON'S and then show you my results using this hair care product range. IF you want to know how a particular product works in depth please feel free to leave a comment and I will reply with all the details! If I was to go through each and every products PRO'S and CON'S you could imagine we'd be here for a very long time! (These are not all of the products in the range!)

~ Replenishes hair!
~ Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner strengthens the hair and provides a healthy shine! Very good for everyday use.
~ Oil Moisturizer works well on very dry ends!
~ Perfect Edges does not gradually get flaky or leave a white residue like other edge controls! Edges stay on FLEEK throughout the day!
~ Moisture & Shine Shampoo intensively cleans your hair and helps with dandruff! 
~ Moroccan Argan Oil is absolutely amazing for your hair! 
~ Moroccan Argan Oil promotes hair growth, tames frizz and protects hair against the heat of dryers, curlers and straighteners. 

~ The Intensive Conditioning Treatment requires you to sit under a dryer for 15 minutes, not everyone has that appliance in their household (well, I certainly don't!) It does say if you do not have a dryer then place a plastic cap over your hair for 30-45 minutes - eek, time consuming! 
~ There's not a scalp treatment in the range so I do have to use an alternative hair cream for my scalp.
~ Creme Of Nature Moroccan Argan Oil is not sold in stores like Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury's etc.

(My hair type: Drier ends, Delicate & Coarse roots, Dandruff-prone) 

Before I started using the Creme Of Nature Moroccan Argan Oil products. My hair looks very, very thirsty :(
I dyed my hair 5 times (not smart) and straightened my hair everyday (really not smart!)
I can't remember the exact date this photograph was taken but it was around the ending of 2013 - beginning of 2014. 

Achieved moisture by Summer 2014! Apologies I didn't add hair growth photographs but I rarely leave my hair down, it's always styled but there was definitely hair growth :)
An update (APRIL 2015):

GO AND BUY THESE PRODUCTS GUYS! Seriously, not only did it add moisture to my hair but it replenished, strengthened and promoted hair growth. For more info about the products Click Here
The only online websites that I know are trustworthy for selling these products are Amazon or Ebay as unfortunately, it is hard to locate in stores. Feel free to contact me to find out information on what London-based stores sell the products.

Stay replenished! Stay Pretty!



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