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If you do not know about coconut oil then you are definitely missing out. Heaven in a jar. 
I'm so in love with coconut oil I just HAD to do a review on it!

What? Coconut Oil? To do exactly what? 
Clear away spots and blemishes, make skin softer, remove makeup and revive dry skin!  
Don't get me wrong there's so much more coconut oil can do for your skin (hair, health and it's also edible!) but these are the four reasons I use it. I'm just going to run through pro's and con's before telling you how to use coconut oil to solve these problems.

~ Clears away spots and blemishes (does wonders for acne-prone, sensitive skin!)
~ Makes skin feel softer after just one use! You can see results from your first use.
~ Dry skin that tends to flake can be revived by coconut oil!
~ Coconut oil can be used for cooking and hair, a good replacement for sunflower oil when cooking.
There's so much more pro's about coconut oil! I will link a website that runs through more of the goodness this oil brings! Click Here For More Information 

~ If you use TOO much coconut oil it can result in your skin being an 'oily mess'. Be sure to use a small amount.
~ Coconut oil for clearing spots is a lengthy process. Results won't happen until a few weeks (3-4). You may get more spots during the process of using coconut oil as it's clearing the bacteria out of the skin before getting rid of the spots. (something I experienced!) 
~ If you use too much of the product it may stain clothes, pillowcases or anything it comes in contact with :( 

Coconut oil usually comes as a solid but can be used either in a solid form or a liquid form. You should purchase an organic, extra virgin coconut oil that's 100% raw & cold pressed. (I'll link below where you can purchase this!) 

~ To clear spots: I use this after I've done my night time skin regime, it's more effective if used on clean skin. I use an ample amount of coconut oil and massage it into my skin, all over my face at night. I do sleep with the product on as it can be used as a moisturiser! Be sure to change your pillow case very frequently as this can be a contribution to spots! (If you will use coconut oil everyday, use the smallest amount and do not saturate your face in the oil!) 

~ To make skin softer: Heating up the solid coconut oil then waiting for it to cool down before massaging it into your skin makes your skin softer.

~ To remove makeup: Massaging solid or liquid form coconut oil over makeup and then using a cotton pad or cotton wool to gently wipe off the makeup. This is a very effective way to remove makeup as it has no harsh chemicals (great for sensitive skin) 

~ To revive dry skin: The same method for clearing spots and making skin softer can be used to do this! It also works on dry feet it doesn't make the cracks disappear completely but it makes your feet very soft. 

You only need a SMALL amount to create a protective shield, coconut oil does not need to be re-applied as frequently as other skin oils. 

This is the coconut oil I personally use.
Where can you purchase this?

Lucy Bee Fair Trade Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 300ml ~ Purchase Here ~ £6.00 
Vita Coco Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml Purchase Here ~ £5.99

Summer is coming up and clear skin is a must! I hope this review and tips helped!
Stay healthy! Stay pretty!

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