Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Eyeshadow Review

I'm not really an eyeshadow gal so I rarely have any eyeshadow's. I have three palette's including the Barry M one and as for individual eyeshadow's I can count it on one hand!

This palette though...girlllllll! The colours are so pretty, honestly. I'm scared of bright colours when it come's to shadow' this is perfecto. The matte colours are LIFE and the shimmery colours are also LIFE! The primer also helps pick up more of the colour on your skin. I just luh it guys! 

It comes with two double ended aplicators but you know how we do now, it's 2015 and I've discovered my absolute loves (REAL TECHNIQUE BRUSHES) the enhance your eyes set is I really need to say LIFE again? I apply these shadow's with my Real Technique Eye brushes! 

My favourite colours are: starting from your left, the 3rd, 4th and 5th one in...oh my goodness. Forgive me for this but palette didn't give the pretty shadow's names so I'm going to attempt to describe them. The 3rd one is like a matte pinkish nude (forgive me!) The 2nd one is a shimmery metallic, GLOWY, colour absolute MUST for the summer. Last but not least the 5th one...I can't even explain it..a metallic goldish, pinkish...just look at the swatches below guys! Not to neglect the other shades though but those 3 are just my favourite. There are 3 matte's and 3 shimmery shades, and one nude primer which blends in to your skin complexion when applied using a blending brush. 

Without using the primer, the colours do need more than one coat as they're not as pigmented as other brands, for example Sleek but nevertheless I like it! I love natural looking, glowing eye-makeup so this is the palette is definitely for me!
If you want a natural glow eye-makeup look then run to your purse and grab your debit/credit cards and purchase here - £6.49


Without Flash
With Flash

The swatches are in the opposite order to the photograph I took of the palette. So the 1st colour in the palette (photograph near the beginning) is the colour at the end, on your right hand side in the photograph of the swatches...hopefully that made sense!
Can you just SEE how reflective the 4th and 5th colour is?! AND look at how beautiful the 5th colour looks. IN LOVE GUYS!

Stay Shadow'd! Stay Pretty!


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